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A music video for Chen Yinn track I Wanna Give My Love and a video essay about dance in Chinese-language films. In her essay On Dance published in 1944 Eileen Chang writes: “China is a country without dance”. She recounts that in previous centuries people in China were dancing, but already in Ming and Qing they were only watching dance performed but did not join. This video essay focuses on the scenes of dancing in Chinese-language films, exploring the liberating pointlessness and joy of movement. Because China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Chinese diaspora DO have the moves.
Film excerpts:
The Hole 洞 (1998, dir. Tsai Ming-liang 蔡明亮 Taiwan)
Weekend Lover 周末情人 (1995, dir. Lou Ye 娄烨 China)
Once a Thief 縱橫四海 (1991, dir. John Woo 吳宇森 Hong Kong)
Forever Fever (1998, dir. Glen Goei, Singapore)
Mambo Girl 曼波女郎 (1957, dir. Yi Wen 易文 Hong Kong/Singapore)
Lunar Eclipse 月蚀 (1999, dir. Wang Quan’an 王全安 China)
Center Stage 阮玲玉 (1992, dir. Stanley Kwan 关锦鹏 Hong Kong)
In The Mood For Love 花样年华 (2000, dir. Wong Kar-wai 王家卫 Hong Kong)
Mahjong 麻将 (1996, dir. Edward Yang 杨德昌 Taiwan)
Happy Together 春光乍泄 (1997, dir. Wong Kar-wai 王家卫 Hong Kong)

A music video for Chen Yinn – Kollectiv (A.M.P Floating Cloud Remix ) and a video essay exploring popular Taiwanese-language genre cinema 台語片 of the 1960s and the theme of relationships and dynamics between women and men.
Excerpts from Taiwanese films 台語片:
Dangerous Youth 危險的青春 (1969, dir. Xin Qi 辛奇)
The Best Secret Agent 天字第一號 (1964, dir. Zhang Ying 張英)
A music video for Farragol – Unknown (Chen Yinn edits) MV
Fragments of ice-skating performances at the 1990s-2010s Olympics and international competitions by Chinese, Taiwanese and ABC athletes: Chen Lu 陈露, Li Zijun, Amy Lin 林仁語, Tiffany Chin, Michelle Kwan