Maja Korbecka is a writer, Chinese-English-Polish translator and film studies researcher focusing on Sinophone and Southeast Asian cinemas. She writes for easternkicks.com, EKRANy and other magazines.

She currently pursues PhD in the Graduate School of East Asian Studies at the Freie Universität with dissertation on film festivals in China screening independent local films. She obtained Film and New Media Studies BA & MA and Far East Studies BA at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, in the meantime completing student exchange at the National University of Singapore and two one-year Chinese language scholarship programmes in Shanghai and Taipei. After graduation in 2018 she worked as a programmer for the Five Flavours Asian Film Festival in Warsaw. She was a participant of Far East Film Festival Campus in 2017 and Berlinale Talents Press in 2020.

You can find her online on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.

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